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Pan Coating Advantages


Thermech’s coatings:

Provide Easy Release

Your baked products will release easily without the need for any oil or grease.  You’ll never go back to banging your pans to get product off (and your pans will no longer have gashes).

Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning is dramatically easier.  Simply spray with compressed air or use a soft brush or cloth (and much less water).  Washing with high-pressure water is not necessary or recommended.

Keep Foods Pure

Commercial cookware coated with Thermech’s proprietary coatings and application processes are sealed with a smooth, non-wetting surface that won’t absorb water or grease.  This means that foods and odors do not remain from prior uses.

Are Safe

Thermech’s commercial bakery coatings meet all US and international standards for direct food contact.  They comply with the FDA’s regulations for coatings with direct food contact and also comply with the European BGA specifications for food contact.

Hold Up Longer Than Other Coatings

Thermech’s PTFE-based proprietary coatings are vastly superior to consumer non-stick coatings. Engineered for commercial bakeries, Thermech’s coatings resist the abrasion that comes from stacking and withstand the heat and humidity of baking environments.

Virtually Eliminate Rejects

Sharply reduce product loss due to rejects.

Improve Throughput

Thermech’s coatings have excellent anti-stick properties.  The elimination of depanning issues and the reduction of product loss greatly improves throughput (and improves your bottom line).  You don’t have to make any changes to your oven temperatures or line speeds.

Improve Product Quality

Better dough flow leads to consistent, uniform product quality. Getting rid of release agents and pan oil gets rid of carbonized oil deposits and carbon black, making your products look better.  Shelf life is extended, and your customers will appreciate the lower fat and calorie content of your breads.

Are Superior to Silicone Glazing and Nonstick Sprays

Thermech’s non-stick bakeware coatings last up to ten times longer than silicone glazing supplemented with nonstick sprays.  Our coatings yield thousands of releases.

Are Less Expensive Than Silicone Glazing and Nonstick Sprays

Compared to silicone glazing and nonstick sprays, Thermech’s coatings also save you money.  Coated pans don’t need to be recoated nearly as often, which saves you the time and hassle of having to frequently schedule your pans for reglazing.  The elimination of release oils not only saves the cost of the oil and the oiling station, but also reduces maintenance costs because your equipment will no longer be covered by oil mist.  And your pans will last longer.  The result: significantly lower cost per baking cycle.

Are Versatile

Thermech’s coatings for commercial bakery equipment can be precisely applied to close-fitting machine parts.  Thicker and stronger coatings can be applied to components in rough service.

Make Your Workplace Cleaner and Safer

No one should ever slip on the overspray from unneeded release agents.  Fire hazards are also reduced.

We will work with you to develop the most appropriate coatings for your products.  If you would like us to coat bakeware samples to test on your lines, call us at (714) 533-3183 or email us at

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