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About Thermech


About Thermech

Thermech is primarily a fluoropolymer coating company that specializes in performance coatings for products used in mission-critical applications.  A fluoropolymer coating is a fluorocarbon-based polymer that is characterized by a high resistance to solvents, acids and bases (chemical resistance) while having an extremely slick (non-stick) surface.  The most common fluoropolymer is PTFE, which is also known by the brand name Teflon.  PTFE coating services make up the bulk of Thermech’s business, but Thermech also applies many other fluoropolymer coatings that have slightly different properties.  Over the years Thermech has developed a full line of proprietary fluoropolymer blends, some of which were used to make parts for the U.S. Space Program, including the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle.  Today, Thermech still derives a significant portion of its revenue from government spending on aerospace, defense and research projects.  However, since the 1950s, Thermech has branched into precision coatings for commercial applications.

Thermech also excels at compression molding and machining.  Starting with raw fluoropolymer powders, Thermech creates proprietary mixes that it places in molds, then heats and compresses into fluoropolymer blocks or rods with unique properties.  Thermech then machines this newly created material into parts specified by its customers.  Many of these parts are used by aerospace and chemical companies in critically important and often harsh environments.  Common parts include O-rings, bearing separators and valve balls.

Thermech’s Strengths

With a focus on performance coatings, Thermech has stuck to its roots as a premier specialty coating company.  Thermech provides three unparalleled advantages.

The first is an unwavering commitment to quality that is evidenced by how often Thermech’s coatings and compression-molded parts are specified in military and aerospace applications.  The aerospace and defense industries rely on the consistent implementation of proven technologies, and Thermech provides topnotch quality over many decades.  But we aren’t resting on our laurels.  We continue to participate in joint research projects to develop new materials and processes and military specifications.  If you face a challenge you haven’t solved yet, or would like to improve an existing product, call (714) 533-3183 or e-mail us at info@thermech.com.

A second area of expertise is Thermech’s ability to coat miniature devices, especially the inside of tubes with inside diameters as small as 0.007 inches (0.178 mm).  Thermech originally developed this technology to coat medical diagnostic probes for Abbott Laboratories.  Since then, Thermech has become a market leader in narrow-diameter coatings.  This narrow-diameter coating technology allows Thermech to develop products for arterial delivery systems such as coronary stents delivered through the human artery system rather than through more invasive surgery.  The medical device industry is increasingly moving toward miniaturization and less invasive procedures that require guide wires and other specialty products that will benefit from low-friction, thermal-barrier or anti-corrosive coatings.

Finally, because every customer is different, Thermech is flexible and responsive to the needs of every customer.  Thermech can accommodate everything from extremely precise work on small lots to large production runs that require a low price and a lightning-fast turnaround.

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