PBI / Celazole® Compression Molding


PBI / Celazole® Compression Molding

PBI (polybenzimidazole) is a highly stable linear, wholly aromatic molecule, characterized by high thermal stability and outstanding strength.  PBI has perhaps the best high-temperature properties of any commercially available polymer.

PBI / Celazole® Properties

  1. Highest glass-transition temperature (Tg) (427°C, 801°F) of any thermoplastic

  2. Highest heat deflection temperature (HDT) of any thermoplastic (435°C, 815°F at 264 psi)

  3. Can withstand brief exposure up to 760°C (1400°F)

  4. Retains its properties down to -196°C (-321°F)

  5. No known melting point (does not melt)

  6. Doesn’t burn

  7. Produces little smoke or out-gasses (besides water) at 538°C (1000°F)

  8. Excellent tensile and flexural strength

  9. Highest dimensional stability of any unfilled plastic

  10. Highest compressive strength of any unfilled plastic

  11. Especially high strength during compression and after recovery from compression

  12. Excellent hardness

  13. Flex-fatigue resistant

  14. Excellent wear resistance

  15. Superior abrasion resistance

  16. Ultrasonic transparency

  17. Very good plasma resistance

  18. High volume resistivity

  19. Excellent thermal insulator

  20. Resists many harsh chemical environments but is attacked by aprotic solvents and (at high temperatures) by strong aqueous acids and alkalis

  21. Low coefficient of friction

  22. Relatively low coefficient of thermal expansion, similar to aluminum

  23. Slowly absorbs a high percentage of water but won’t react with it, is hydrolytically stable and resistant to high-pressure steam

  24. Compatibility with other polymers, including polyaryletherketones (PAEK) such as PEEK

  25. Very expensive

PBI / Celazole® Applications

Because PBI can perform in severe high-temperature chemical or plasma environments where other plastics fail (even PEEK, PI, PEI, PAI and PPS), PBI is usually specified for use in extremely harsh environments.  Examples would include 400-500 °F exposures to oil, methane, sour gas, hydrogen sulfide, steam, corrosion inhibitors, hydraulic and heat-transfer fluids, chlorinated solvents and brine.

PBI is molded and machined to make precision parts for many industries:

  1. Aerospace

  2. Chemical processing

  3. Glassmaking

  4. Liquid-crystal display (LCD) panel manufacturing

  5. Petrochemical

  6. Photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturing

High-purity/ultra-low metal ion content grade PBI is used in:

  1. Dry etch chambers

  2. Sputtering systems

  3. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)

  4. Physical vapor deposition (PVD)

  5. Spin coating

Where static discharge is a concern, electrostatic dissipative grade PBI is used.  This grade contains carbon fiber for increased conductivity.

Because other plastics (such as polyester, nylon, PEEK and PES) in their molten state won’t stick to PBI, it is used to make certain components for plastic production and molding equipment.

PBI can be blended with PEEK and is available in unfilled, lubricated, glass-filled and  carbon-filled grades.

PBI is well suited for use in fluorinated plasmas.

Compression-molded PBI / Celazole® Parts

  1. Bushings

  2. Insulator bushings

  3. Seals

  4. Contact seals

  5. Bearings

  6. Thrust washers

  7. Thermal isolators

  8. Guide rollers

  9. Wear plates

  10. Electrical insulating parts

  11. Nose cones

  12. Leading edges

  13. Ablative heat shields

  14. Jet engine parts

  15. Oxide etch chamber parts

  16. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) chamber seals

  17. Etch chamber lifting pins

  18. Interior chamber screws and components

  19. Focus rings

  20. Wafer clamps and contact pads

  21. Wafer retaining clamps

  22. Sputtering chamber clamps and components

  23. Vacuum tips

  24. Wafer carriers

  25. Physical vapor deposition (PVD) tools

  26. Spin coating tools

  27. Probe tip lenses for ultrasonic measuring devices

PBI Compression Molding Resins

Celazole® PBI from PBI Performance Products

  1. Celazole® U-60 PBI

  2. Celazole® U-60SD PBI

  3. Celazole® U-60ESD PBI

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PBI / Celazole® Compression Molding


Compression Molding and Machining of PBI / Celazole®.


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