PTFE / Teflon® Compression Molding


PTFE / Teflon® Compression Molding

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a high-molecular-weight fluoropolymer that consists entirely of carbon and fluorine atoms.  PTFE is best known by the brand name Teflon®.

Thermech manufactures compression-molded PTFE stock shapes:

  1. PTFE sheets

  2. PTFE plate

  3. PTFE rods

  4. PTFE tubes

  5. PTFE rings

  6. PTFE discs

  7. PTFE near-net shapes, which reduce scrap and save money

We also manufacture compression-molded PTFE parts that are precision machined to our customers’ exacting specifications.

We compression mold and machine both virgin PTFE and filled PTFE compounds.  Various fillers are blended with PTFE to enhance particular properties.  Some fillers include carbon fiber or carbon powder, glass fiber or glass bead, bronze, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), Ekonol® and many different pigments.

PTFE / Teflon® Properties

  1. Unsurpassed chemical resistance, only molten alkali metals and a few fluorine-containing compounds at elevated pressures and temperatures will attack its surface

  2. Not affected by any solvents

  3. Ultra-high purity

  4. Exceptional flame resistance, rated UL 94 V-0

  5. Extremely low coefficient of friction

  6. Excellent insulator

  7. Low dielectric constant over a wide frequency range

  8. May be used in food contact applications in compliance with FDA 21 CFR 177.1550

  9. Fillers can enhance PTFE’s mechanical properties

  10. Suitable for outdoor use with no degradation from exposure to the elements

PTFE / Teflon® Applications

When the ability to withstand high temperatures is required, compression-molded and machined PTFE is often used to make seals and other parts for aircraft, rockets and missiles.  PTFE is also used to make seals that can withstand cryogenic temperatures.

Because PTFE is chemically inert from cryogenic temperatures to very high temperatures, PTFE is used in components for transferring ultrapure, aggressive fluids, such as seals, valves, laboratory equipment, pipes, liners, fittings, connectors, and pumps.  Contaminants will not adhere to the surface of PTFE.

The semiconductor industry uses ultra-pure PTFE for its extreme inertness and wide operating temperature range.

PTFE is one of the best insulating materials and is often used in electrical applications.  Because it is non-wettable and absorbs only negligible amounts of water, it retains its high resistivity in damp, polluted environments.  Its superior nonstick properties prevent the accumulation of conductive deposits.

The construction industry uses PTFE bearing pads because they resist weather-related degradation.

Virgin PTFE complies with FDA regulations for use in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Compression-molded PTFE / Teflon® Parts

  1. PTFE O-rings

  2. PTFE seals

  3. PTFE mechanical seals

  4. PTFE seal rings

  5. PTFE bushings

  6. PTFE bearings

  7. PTFE piston rings

  8. PTFE gaskets

  9. PTFE skived film and sheet

  10. PTFE valves

  11. PTFE valve seats

  12. PTFE mixing impellers and agitators

  13. PTFE wafer carriers

  14. PTFE washers

  15. PTFE sleeves

  16. PTFE balls

  17. PTFE membranes

  18. PTFE diaphragms

  19. PTFE pressure transducers

  20. PTFE funnels

  21. PTFE piping systems

  22. PTFE manifolds

  23. PTFE stopcocks

  24. PTFE beakers

  25. PTFE dough molding rollers

  26. PTFE strips

  27. PTFE guide rails

  28. PTFE slides

  29. PTFE slide bearings

  30. PTFE slide plates

  31. PTFE slide pads

  32. PTFE bridge and pipeline bearing pads

  33. PTFE slide assemblies for piping systems

  34. PTFE high-voltage encapsulation devices

  35. PTFE standoff insulators

PTFE Compression Molding Resins

Teflon® PTFE from DuPont™

  1. Teflon® PTFE 7A X

  2. Teflon® PTFE 7C X

  3. Teflon® PTFE 8A X

  4. Teflon® PTFE 807N X

  5. Teflon® NXT 70 Modified PTFE

  6. Teflon® NXT 75 Modified PTFE

  7. Teflon® NXT 85 Modified PTFE

POLYFLON™ PTFE from Daikin America




  4. POLYFLON™ M-18

  5. POLYFLON™ M-111

  6. POLYFLON™ M-112

Dyneon™ PTFE from 3M™

  1. Dyneon™ PTFE TF 1620

  2. Dyneon™ PTFE TF 1641

  3. Dyneon™ PTFE TF 1645

  4. Dyneon™ PTFE TF 1750

  5. Dyneon™ TFM™ 1600 Modified PTFE

  6. Dyneon™ TFM™ 1700 Modified PTFE

  7. Dyneon™ TFM™ 1705 Modified PTFE

Algoflon® PTFE from Solvay Specialty Polymers

  1. Algoflon® F 5/5 PTFE

  2. Algoflon® F 5 PTFE

  3. Algoflon® F 7 PTFE

  4. Algoflon® F S 121 PTFE

Fluon® PTFE from AGC Chemicals Americas

  1. Fluon® G110 PTFE

  2. Fluon® G155 PTFE

  3. Fluon® G163 PTFE

  4. Fluon® G204 PTFE

PTFE / Teflon® Compression Molding Process

PTFE is molded by applying high pressure (typically 3,000-4,500 psi) to powdered PTFE resin in a mold at room temperature to create a preform shape.

After the preform is removed from the mold, it is slowly heated to approximately 685-720 °F to sinter the PTFE particles into a solid form, and then the temperature is slowly lowered back to room temperature.  Dwell times in the oven vary based on the size and shape of the part.

Optimizing the mold pressure and the oven cycle maximizes the end-use properties of the PTFE, such as:

  1. Physical properties

  2. 1.specific density

  3. 2.tensile strength

  4. 3.elongation

  5. 4.flex life

  6. Electrical properties

  7. Permeation resistance

  8. Chemical resistance

For finished PTFE components we machine sintered shapes to customer specifications.

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PTFE / Teflon® Compression Molding


Compression Molding and Machining of PTFE / Teflon®.


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