PAI / Torlon® Compression Molding


PAI / Torlon® Compression Molding

PAI (polyamide-imide) is a high-performance, amorphous thermoplastic, whose polymer chain consists of aromatic groups with amide linkages alternating with imide linkages.  The amide groups impart flexibility and elongation.  The aromatic groups and imide linkages impart exceptional thermal stability.

Large PAI parts must be compression molded.  Compared to other molding techniques, compression molding has much lower tooling costs.  Another benefit of compression-molded PAI is that resins are cured (or “imidized”) before molding, which eliminates the need to post-cure parts that are made from compression-molded shapes.

For filled grades of PAI, compression molding distributes the fibers randomly, imparting outstanding dimensional stability in all directions.  Injection molding and extrusion orients the fibers somewhat unidirectionally.  Compression-molded parts will generally exhibit less strength than comparable extruded or injection-molded parts, but will have lower stresses and be easier to machine.

Thermech produces compression molded PAI sheets, plates, rods, tubes, rings, discs and near-net shapes.

PAI / Torlon® Properties

  1. Highest strength and stiffness of any thermoplastic up to 275 °C (527 °F)

  2. Superior toughness from cryogenic temperatures up to  275 °C (527 °F)

  3. Excellent dimensional stability even at elevated temperatures

  4. High flexural strength

  5. Outstanding flexural fatigue resistance

  6. High creep resistance

  7. High compressive strength

  8. Outstanding elastic recovery (elastic compression without the yield or creep that can cause compression set)

  9. Outstanding wear resistance

  10. High impact strength

  11. Extremely low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE)

  12. Excellent electrical insulation

  13. High dielectric constant

  14. Superior UV and gamma radiation resistance

  15. Exceptional flame resistance, rated UL 94 V-0

  16. Resistant to strong acids and most organics

  17. Resistant to aviation and automotive fluids

PAI / Torlon® Applications

PAI has proven itself in a broad array of demanding applications in many industries: aerospace, vacuum technology, semiconductor, medical devices, cryogenics, electrical engineering, electronics and automotive.  PAI excels at applications that require strength at high temperatures and resistance to wear.

High-strength PAI grades perform similar to metals and are often used to make precision metal-replacement components that are used in repetitive load-bearing applications.  Grades that are reinforced by carbon fiber or glass fiber retain their strength and stiffness and have improved fatigue resistance and lower creep.  PAI is often used to make structural and dynamic components.

Wear-resistant grades offer good combinations of mechanical and tribological properties.  The inherent heat and chemical resistance of wear-resistant PAI grades makes them effective replacements for metals in high-temperature and wear applications, even without lubrication.  Certain grades can perform at exceptionally high pressures and velocities in lubricated environments.

To meet custom requirements, PAI can be compounded with a variety of fillers, reinforcements, additives and pigments.

Excellent compressive properties combined with creep and fatigue resistance make PAI a superior sealing material, engendering its use for seal rings, hydraulic poppets, brake tappets, check balls, thrust washers and compressor plates.

The properties of PAI make it well suited for:

  1. Gears

  2. 1.Fatigue resistance

  3. 2.High strength and rigidity

  4. 3.Dimensional stability

  5. 4.Chemical resistance

  6. 5.Creep resistance

  7. 6.Noise reduction

  8. Seals

  9. 1.Thermal stability

  10. 2.High compressive strength

  11. 3.Creep resistance

  12. 4.Conformability (non-leaking)

  13. 5.Dimensional stability

  14. 6.Self-lubricating

  15. Bushings

  16. 1.Low coefficient of friction

  17. 2.Thermal stability

  18. 3.High compressive strength

  19. 4.Chemical resistance

  20. 5.Long-life performance

  21. Washers

  22. 1.Thermal stability

  23. 2.High compressive strength

  24. 3.Creep resistance

  25. 4.Dimensional stability

  26. 5.Self-lubricating

  27. Slides

  28. 1.Self-lubricating

  29. 2.Impact resistance

  30. 3.Mechanical strength

  31. 4.Thermal stability

  32. Fasteners

  33. 1.Exceptional strength

  34. 2.High elongation

  35. 3.Chemical resistance

  36. 4.Dimensional stability

  37. 5.Non-corrosive

PAI can serve as a high-temperature matrix binder for compression-molded parts such as:

  1. Clutches

  2. Brake pads and their components

  3. Fused metal powders

  4. Thermoplastic magnets

Compression-molded PAI / Torlon® Parts

  1. Aircraft fasteners and hardware

  2. Structural and mechanical components

  3. Powertrain and transmission components

  4. Electric motor components

  5. Oil and gas exploration and production equipment

  6. Semiconductor fabrication and testing

  7. Gears

  8. Seals

  9. Labyrinth seals

  10. Washers

  11. Thrust washers

  12. Valve seats

  13. Valve plates

  14. Bushings

  15. Non-lubricated bearings

  16. Bearing cages

  17. Bearing retainers

  18. Wear rings

  19. Piston rings

  20. Back-up rings

  21. Pistons

  22. Housings

  23. Wear pads

  24. Rollers

  25. Ball Bearings

  26. CVT Clutch rollers

  27. High-temperature electrical connectors

  28. Switches

  29. Shrouds

  30. Relays

  31. Test beds for semiconductors

  32. Integrated circuit (IC) test sockets

  33. Socket housings

  34. Handlers

  35. Nests

  36. Chassis

  37. Switching and plug parts

  38. Isolation caps

  39. Isolation plugs

  40. Slides

  41. Sliding compressor vanes

  42. Spline liners

  43. Welding tip insulators

  44. Igniter cups and cases

  45. Thermal and electrical insulators

  46. Dies and patterns of formed metal parts

  47. Impellers

  48. Mechanical linkages

  49. Poppets

  50. Rotors

  51. Support rings

  52. Fasteners

  53. Plungers

  54. Engine transmission parts

  55. Pump parts

  56. Cams

  57. Reciprocating compressor parts

PAI Compression Molding Resins

Torlon® PAI from Solvay Specialty Polymers

  1. Torlon® 4000TF PAI

  2. Torlon® 4203L PAI

  3. Torlon® 5030 PAI

  4. Torlon® 7130 PAI

  5. Torlon® 4275 PAI

  6. Torlon® 4301 PAI

  7. Torlon® 4435 PAI

  8. Torlon® 4630 PAI

  9. Torlon® 4000T PAI

  10. Torlon® 4645 PAI

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PAI / Torlon® Compression Molding


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